David Fisher Real Estate Agent

David Fisher

David is a fully qualified Estate Agent and Auctioneer and can bring a wealth of experience to any property negotiations that take place on your behalf.

David has also spent many years in the corporate sector with companies such as Telstra, Boral, Parbury and D&R Henderson where he conducted negotiations for national supply contracts. He also worked as an internal auditor with Telstra so propriety and security of your home are strong points. He has won numerous awards in the real estate and corporate world over the past 25 years, which is a testimony to his character and skills.

David is also a musician (guitar and harmonica) and songwriter, and has produced a sold-out CD called Bali dreaming. This was in collaboration with some of the best musicians in Indonesia. He speaks French and Indonesian languages.

David’s real estate expertise is selling in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne. So always feel free to contact him, he is only too willing to help or answer queries, without obligation.


Mobile 0422 667 925

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